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  Learn the ancient art of Hawaiian Tapa making. Classes in Kona & Makapala Retreat Center,Big Island of Hawaii. Email: kahanatapa@yahoo.com for more info

Lomi Lomi Book

I highly recommend this book to all our students and those interested in Lomi Lomi.When you buy this book Hawaiian Massage Lomilomi: Sacred Touch of Aloha, you will get a 10% discount. What you do is go to: http://www.lomilomibook.com/order.php, on the next page where it says "discount" enter "yes," on the next page where it says "referred by" you should enter Wesley & Lehua. They will take care of the rest!

lomi lomi massage book

Hawaiian Tapa/Kapa Cloth

precontact Tapa

precontact Tapa design

Custom made to order Hawaiian Tapa for Interior Designs 

Hawaiian Tapa/Kapa in Condo at Mauna Keatapa beaters i'e kukuohe kapala bamboo stamps

Tapa for Condo & Interiors               Tapa making tools

Tapa costumesHawaiian Tapa Tapa/Kapa malo loin cloth

Hawaiian costumes    Women's Pa'u skirt     Men's Malo loincloth

Hawaiian Tapa/Kapa made by Kumu Wes

Custom orders taken, specify size and if you want Hawaiian Tapa with water mark or White Fijian Masi Tapa. Decorating will be done with Ohe Kapala (bamboo stamps) and natural plant dyes. Call for prices on custom orders. I have been making Tapa and teaching Tapa making for 30 years. Custom made orders require 4 months to make unless plain white Tapa is in stock.

Tapa clutch bagsuli'uliUliuli

Tapa Bags                             'Uli'uli gourd rattles


Before purchasing one of the products above, please email us with your order and contact information: lomihawaii@lomihawaii.com.

P lease call us if you have any questions :

In Hawaii


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